What types of counseling are available?

Aaron specializes in individual counseling for children, adolescents, and adults. Couples’ counseling and family counseling are also part of Aaron's expertise.

What kinds of problems are addressed in counseling?

Aaron is experienced in assisting his clients with a wide variety of issues. Some of the most common involve depression, anxiety, marital conflicts, and abnormal child behavior.

Can I use my health insurance to pay for counseling services?

Yes. Aaron is on a number of insurance provider lists. Most insurance companies offer insurance payment for what they refer to as a “covered disorder”. In other words, the client would have to receive an insurance approved diagnosis before insurance would pay. Marital and drug and alcohol issues are rarely covered by insurance.

What does a counseling session cost?

Aaron’s customary fees for counseling services are $135 for a 50 minute session. If a client's insurance can be used, the client typically pays his/her insurance co-payment.

How do I start the counseling process or get more information?

Call Aaron directly at (615) 830-9106, or you can send him a confidential email at aaronkelley@bellsouth.net.